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CV Writing 

It is vital today that everyone has a worthy CV. It enables you to summaries your education, skills and experience, and then sell these to potential employers. In this monthly workshop, run by Michael, students learn how to prepare a job winning CV. During the workshop we look at how to communicate value through a CV, how to format one, and how to tailor your CV for specific jobs. These skills are indispensable when you are looking to make a move in your career or to secure your first job.

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Cover Letter

A cover is a document that usually accompanies a CV, it is used to highlight the candidates’ credentials and interests in the position they are applying for. It like a long version of a CV which is why this workshop is to compliment the CV writing workshop that Michael also runs. During this workshop he will show you how a cover letter is composed, what to add, what you should leave out, and how to make sure they you will secure your dream job!

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Movie Night

We all know how powerful watching a movie can be, the emotions, the frights, the crazy twists at the end. We thought it would be a great idea to help you learn English using film too. In each workshop we watch a short movie (10-20 minutes) and discuss it after, we talk about how it made us feel, what we think was interesting or not interesting. We then compile a list of new vocabulary words and phrases that we share with you after the end of every lesson. So come and learn English with your friends whilst having a great laugh with us too. Surely it’s not to be missed.

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Email Writing

Do you find writing emails difficult? Do you sit in front of your computer screen worrying about grammar and spelling mistakes every time you send an email? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! The workshop explores email etiquette so you can build better relationships with clients, improve structure and grammar and write better emails that people will actually read. So come to CLIC-Learning and improve your workplace communications skills!

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